Corporate Finance and Regulatory Consultancy Services

for Security Token Offering

Established in 2018, Security Token Legal Advisor is a division of Blockchain021, a Corporate Finance & Regulatory Consulting firm that was the first in Switzerland to focus itself on the Blockchain industry. We have the expertise you need to explore and execute a successful token sale and establish a regulated blockchain business.

What We Do

Corporate Structure

Corporate Structuring

Jurisdictional Evaluation

Facilitation of Incorporation
Supporting Documentation

STO Setup


Legal Advisory

Compliant Token Design
FINMA no-action letter

KYC/AML Policy
Privacy and GDPR


Terms and Conditions

Prospectus Review

Technology Consulting

Token Platform Selection

Investors Whitelisting

Token Supply Control

Distribution Platform

Trading Venues Selection

Cap Table Management

Fund Raising

Fund Raising Setup

Banking Partners Selection

Facilitation of Private Deals

Roadshow Organisation

STO Fundraising


The tokenization of traditional securities offers a host of benefits that will change the makeup how financial infrastructure works today.

A tokenized cap table removes legacy middlemen and improves processes to reduce overhead, admin work, and transfer time.

Protect your investors with a perfect record of ownership on-chain at any time.

Smart contracts programmably enforce jurisdictional regulations such as buy lockups, sell lockups, and limits on non-accredited investors.

Gain access to global investor pools through our ecosystem of exchange partners and use hyper-fractional ownership to divide your security tokens in ways traditional securities can’t.

Raise capital from an expanded pool of investors with innovative financial products designed to fully utilize the benefits of truly digital securities.


Clear understanding of KYC and AML requirements

[Richard is] Conceptually strong and process-driven in practice, he contributed to our project in several ways, including providing clear understanding of KYC and AML requirements. I was most impressed by Richard’s work during the startup phase of our project in Switzerland and for helping us in opening a bank account in a crypto-friendly bank.

Simona Fontana Co-Founder, MIMIC

Highly knowledgeable Blockchain expert

I had the pleasure to work with Richard since May 2018 and I can say that he is a hard working and highly knowledgeable Blockchain expert and ICO Advisor. He is also a nice and sympathetic guy. He is doing a great job as advisor in my Real Estate Blockchain project:

Paolo Lettieri CEO, BrikBit

Vast and deep knowledge of crypto regulation across the relevant fields

Richard is a fine thinker, intellectually honest, he always recognises and prioritises the wood for the trees. He possesses a vast and deep knowledge of crypto regulation across the relevant fields. His contribution to our project has been relevant, and he comes across as committed and entrepreneurial.

Alessandro Cadoni Co-Founder, Friendz

Clear understanding of the Security Token Offering requirements for regulatory compliance.

Richard is very qualified in his field and at the same time very passionate.
He is a gold mine of knowledge for everything related to Blockchain and Digital Assets and
it’s always a pleasure to hear his thoughts when it comes to regulatory matters.
Richard helped our project providing a clear understanding of the Security Token Offering requirements for regulatory compliance.
Last but not least he is a kind and polite person and it’s always a pleasure to work with him.

About us

Richard Zoni


Richard is an Advisor, Investor and Mentor to Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders, on Strategy, Growth and Regulatory Compliance.
Specialising on Blockchain, Crypto Assets, Security Token Offering, Swiss Crypto Regulatory Framework, KYC & AML. Richard holds a degree in Computer Science and brings more than 25 years of experience in management roles at organisations including Over the Top (AWS) and Startups.
Languages: English, Italian, French

Marco Sala

Legal Counsel

Marco is a Fintech and an intellectual property legal specialist with 20 years of experience as advisor for multinational real estate, insurance and telecommunication companies. Marco is Legal Counsel at STO Legal Advisor and is founder and CEO at Archilex Consulting SA, a leading Intellectual Property Management and Fintech law consultancy company active in multiple international jurisdictions.
Languages: English, Italian

Thomas Contin

Legal Counsel

Thomas is managing partner at Archilex Consulting SA and Legal Counsel at STO Legal Advisor. He is a lawyer with over 15 years of experience with a demonstrated track record in the field of IT, Intellectual Property, RegTech & FinTech Law. Legal advisor for several companies in the blockchain & crypto field. Thomas advises clients from local companies to large multinationals.
Languages: English, German, Italian

Our Partners

The Area We Serve


As a small team of experienced advisors, specialising on Switzerland Crypto Regulatory Framework, we are fully committed to support you in all phases of STO Fundraising, from our offices in Zug and Lugano.

We can support your STO Fundraising in Switzerland and Internationally.



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